South American Powder Tours

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First and foremost, the minute we stepped foot in Chile, things were incredibly easy for us. Not having to worry about transport, hotels, meals, etc., gave us that much more time to enjoy the sights, sounds, culture, food, and most importantly, the skiing. Ian has everything well organized, and was able to work perfectly with our budget. He was also a great guy to have along on the trip, as he fit in very well with the group - it was more like having a fourth friend along for the trip than it was having a tour guide. That said, he was very informative and excited to talk about the culture and history of Chile. He had extensive knowledge of his country and was always there to make sure we didn't take any wrong turns. The skiing was an absolute blast - the mountains of Chile are unbelievably beautiful and awe-inspiring. Food was amazing, especially at the hotel in Termas. I would definitely recommend Ian and STEEP-N-DEEP South American Powder Tours to anyone interested in an excellent trip to one of the most beautiful places in the world!

- Brian Seymor, Associate, Capital Crossing
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My group's trip to Chile was a once-in-a-lifetime experience that combined big mountain snowboarding and a tour of what makes Chile such a unique place. The trip was impeccably planned by STEEP-N-DEEP and made sure our group was exposed to knee-deep powder stashes, Santiago's nightlife and the scenic Pacific coast. SND was a dream to work with. Usually I have to coordinate air and ground travel, book hotel rooms, negotiate discounts, and all the other little stuff that goes along with planning a vacation for a group. SND took care of all of that, PLUS gave some helpful advice on what to expect while in Chile, which was invaluable for a bunch of newbies. The language barrier was also addressed because our tour guide handled all the translating for us. SND also worked with our limited budget, and provided us with a vacation other tour groups couldn't match. For anyone looking to take a trip to the Andes and enjoy everything that the region can offer, SND is the tour group for you. I simply could not have organized a trip of such high caliber on my own. I'll definitely be going down again soon!!
- Luke Bulino, Senior New Product Development Engineer
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For over 15 years I’ve been trying to get to the southern hemisphere to shred in the summertime. (Ever since I saw the movie riders on the storm with Chris Roach and Terje Haakonsen ripping Valle Nevado.) So finally in 2012 I made the decision to go. We knew the best way to go was with somebody who was local. That’s when I got in touch with STEEP-N-DEEP South American Powder Tours. Ian and his crew filled us in on everything we needed to know to start planning our trip. While the spring snow was melting on the east coast we had our trip planned for the last two weeks of August. With a short flight to Miami it was a quick six hours to Santiago where SND met us at the airport. Hotel and car arrangements were arranged for us, we didn’t have to do a thing. The first day we bounced around Santiago, visited many of the historic and scenic spots, all while indulging in the local food and drink. The next day we headed up to Valle Nevado. Skies were blue and there was two feet of fresh snow, we couldn’t really get a better first day. For the next two weeks we ripped all local resorts and some backcountry as well as taking a break in the middle to go to Vina Del Mar on the coast. Catching live shows and great nightlife on the coast. Back in the mountains for La Chimanaya and some of the sickest sunsets I’ve ever seen. Having my last café con piernes, I hated leaving. After traveling around the world, I have to say this was the best place I’ve been. From the culture, to the mountains and a great guided tour, we had an unreal experience. If you have a passion for life and a love for the mountains you have to get STEEP-N-DEEP!
- Brian Moellman, Manager 802 Snowboard Shop, Burlington VT