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My recent snowboard trip to Chile is my second in 6 years. The first was without a guide and we managed to get by. My second South American boarding adventure was with a totally different set of riders who insisted on hiring STEEP-N-DEEP. They had received rave reviews from a number of fellow riders that the tour provided by Ian was, in a word, phenomenal.  I was totally against it as I was there only a couple of years ago. As I said, I was able to get by…with much trepidation, I decided to go along with their plan.
Boy was I was wrong! The experience was totally different in a good kind of way. Ian is a consummate professional that provided us with unparalleled insight, service, knowledge, and comfort. From the moment we arrived to the moment we departed, Ian was there to aid us in anything and everything from translating menus to showing us the gnarliest chutes and runs that Chile has to offer. I think what I appreciate most is Ian’s ability to gauge ability levels and to provide instructions on how to be a better rider. That in itself is worth the price of admission.
Riding aside, STEEP-N-DEEP gave a tour of Santiago, Valapariso, and Vina Del Mar.  His knowledge of Chile’s past and present is quite impressive! This is what separated him for other tours that I have taken in the past. It had a personal touch! 
Thank you Ian and STEEP-N-DEEP for a wonderful experience we will never forget! We will definitely be back for the beautiful sunsets, churros, empanadas, and of course STEEP-N-DEEP.
Stephen Chan, IT consultant

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I came to Chile to film a snowboard section for a documentary film, and to gather photos and stories for a feature I am writing for Snowboard Canada Magazine. My crew consisted of two photographers and six snowboarders. Partnering with STEEP-N-DEEP helped our production in a huge way. For two weeks, Ian toured us through Chile, and helped us chase snow, surf, and learn about the culture. He knew where the snow would be good, and where we would be able to find the features, landscapes, and lighting we needed to get the footage we wanted for our film. In addition to guiding us, he helped us by filming and taking photos. We will be able to use many of his shots in our film, as well as for online and print media.

What really stood out about Ian and SND was how well rounded our tour was and how much fun we had every day. Though Ian worked extremely hard to help us with our filming agenda, he also took care to show us Chilean culture, and to make sure we were always smiling. Ian made sure we weren’t missing the Chilean lifestyle as we worked, and his attitude and knowledge enriched our time in Chile immensely. It was a pleasure working with SND, and I hope to work with Ian again in the future.
- Dave MacKinnon, co- founder, Beyond Boarding

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Absolutely amazing … No other words can describe my recent summer adventure with Ian and STEEP-N-DEEP. From the very instant I landed in Santiago until I departed I was constantly in awe of how the trip was exceeding my expectations. To start, I never knew a lot about Chile and its history but after touring the city with Ian, I honestly can say I learned more than I did in some classes in college. Ian was extremely knowledgeable and gave a very interesting local viewpoint. Once we moved to the mountains is where I really became shocked by the trip. I always had a vision in my head of big mountain boarding but this far exceeded my expectations. There was ENDLESS terrain that was untouched and ours for the taking. Being that it was my first time riding big mountains, Ian was extremely helpful in giving me some coaching tips and encouraging me to push my boundaries a little to really get everything out of the trip. I couldn’t thank him enough. My level of boarding exponentially increased on a daily basis and now I am confident to tackle any terrain on any mountain. Ian was also extremely prepared. He provided our group with extra goggles and riding bags and anything else we needed to make the most of the trip. Even though we experienced one of Chile’s worst months of snow, Ian’s ability to plan the trip accordingly and make alterations to the itinerary allowed us to have three amazing days riding out of the four we spent on the mountain. Extremely high winds closed some lifts on the last three days but Ian incorporated a hiking day and even a day where ski patrol rode us up on snowmobiles into almost whiteout conditions. ABSOLUTLEY EPIC! Ian is also an amazing photographer. I have literally hundreds of amazing quality pictures from the trip. One is so amazing that a local painter from my neighborhood asked to paint it for his gallery. The pictures (and videos) will make our amazing trip last a lifetime and might be the biggest difference in separating Ian from other tours I have researched. Finally, Ian was just a genuinely nice guy who only goal was to provide us with the most amazing trip ever with as little complications as possible. I am proud to say that Ian is someone I will have a long friendship with and will plan future trips with him and SND. He succeeded beyond expectations. ANYONE who is considering going on a riding trip in Chile would be foolish not to hire Ian of STEEP-N-DEEP South American Powder Tours.
- Matt Gott, Law Student, Nova South Eastern University
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Lucky is the only word that describes having Ian as our guide. If we didn’t have his support and expertise we would have been totally lost in Chile. He knew every mountain like the back of his hand no matter what the snow conditions. He is always able to find some fun powder and terrain even in overcast 60mph windy days. Another thing I was stoked on was Ian's knowledge of his native country. It was more than just a snowboarding experience. He took us to some insane spots in Santiago and a really cool seaport. We ate amazing food and drank a few too many Pisco Sours. The moment I was really thankful god for having Ian as our guide was when one of our crew dislocated his shoulder. With our rudimentary Spanish we were unable to communicate with ski patrol and even tell them what was wrong. Ian stepped in and saved the day. He helped out with ski patrol and spent the rest of his day at the hospital making sure our friend was taken care of. I seriously don’t know what would have happened had he not been there with us. Having Ian as a guide was epic on and off the mountain. I just wish I could have stayed for a month instead of a week. See ya next year!
-Jonathan ”Junior” Kantor, Eastern Sale manager, Skull Candy
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My time with STEEP-N-DEEP in Chile fell nothing shy of epic!! The vibe stayed positive, and the riding was incredible. Ian really knows the mountains down there and does a real banger job guiding. He really knew the local stashes way better than the locals did! As someone that works in the snow-sports industry, I'd recommend SND without a doubt as the place to go and get your summer powder turns in. There's a lifetime of fresh tracks for the taking out there, and the whole experience was a blast. I spent two weeks in Chile but could have easily stayed the month. Simply put: I'll be going back.
- Homer Horowitz, Snow Sports, Mountain Creek Snow Resort
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A few friends and I finally realized a dream that we had been talking about for years. A summer ski vacation in Chile. Not knowing how it would all come together, or if we could make it through the country without being able to speak Spanish, but luckily we found Ian Gil and STEEP-N-DEEP. Ian took all the worry out of the trip and allowed us to truly enjoy where we were. Ian's ability to speak Spanish and his in-depth knowledge of the country made our trip unforgettable. His unique knowledge of the mountains, food, culture, cities, and the history of Chile truly made our trip something that will never be matched. Chile itself is mind blowing. A beautiful country, from the sunsets, to the colorful mountains, to the deeply rooted culture that is brightly displayed though out the country. If you have ever thought of taking a ski trip to Aspen and Vail, you have to go to Chile. It will be the best decision you've ever made. The mountains are above tree line and creates an unimaginably beautiful place to ride whether you are an avid skier of a rookie snowboarder. Ian's ability to find the best the mountains have to offer is a gift. Endless powder run after run will get your legs tired but taking time to enjoy the Chilean food and culture puts you right where you need to be. This country has so much to offer and Ian knows just how to show it to you. He makes sure to teach you about Chile's history while showing you what Santiago has to offer. Getting a good taste of the city before heading to the mountains and then driving to the beach (all in the same trip!) is a unique experience that only a place like Chile can offer. You need a guide to show you the things you wouldn't normally see, and Ian is the perfect guy to do it. His welcoming personality and sense of humor will ensure that you never have a dull moment. Chile has so much to offer and has given my friends and I a lifetime of memories and stories to talk about. Book a trip with Ian and SND and you will not regrets a single dollar spent. All you need to do is bring a sense of adventure and Ian takes care of the rest! Do yourself a favor and get to Chile!!
- Damien Harkins, Sales Manager, Tiffany's