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Let me tell you a thing or two about Steep-n-Deep Tours....... Ian Gill the owner and soul runner of Steep-n-Deep is nothing short of a miracle worker. He took a group of #12gringasand1chilean and created a lifetime worth of memories in one week. Not only is he knowledgeable and has the patience of a saint, he's an all around nice guy. He made it his personal mission to make sure each of us had the most amazing trip. He took us on super fun historical tours of his home country, to the best ski/snowbaording resorts in the Farellonnes, to Casablanca for wine tasting and to Concon beach for surfing. The amount of activities he was able to book in a 7 day window was awe inspiring. Not only did we get to stay in the nicest hotels, get treated like family in every restaurant we visited, we practically took over the Hotel Farellonnes like it was our own. 
All the Chilean locals we met were the kindest people on earth. We stopped by a woman's home on the way down the mountain and had homemade empanadas in her front yard! Chileans are the most hospitable people I've ever had the honor of meeting and I can see why Ian is so proud of his home and culture. If you ever want a unique Chilean experience where you're treated like family every step of the way, 110% I would recommend Steep N Deep to any and everyone. Thank you Ian for the best trip, I can't wait until next year!  

- Fawn B,
Professional banana
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Getting off the plane, I felt right at home, Ian was friendly and funny on arrival and set the tone for a laid back trip. Originally, I had told myself that I was only in Chile to snowboard, and that I didn't care so much to travel around a city, but Ian changed my whole perspective with his extensive knowledge of the history and culture, he captivated my attention and made the day trips we did of both Santiago and Valparaiso, amazing and intellectual. 

Not only was he an incredible guide off of the snow, he proved himself best once strapped to his snowboard, he knew the rocky spots and where to avoid, where to go to get the best turns, and the best places for hikes - keeping my board in good shape and a smile on my face.

  • - Julz Vennard
  • Traveler Extraordinaire
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Chile…Steep and Deep…Ian Gil…where do you start??? I suppose you start by listening to that little voice inside your head and heart that is pushing you, BEGGING you to make a move, to push outside of your limits and to commit to a trip. Not just any trip but an incredible journey, one that will change your life and views in a way you never knew you needed... A trip that will expand your heart, your soul, your LIFE... You deserve it… I can promise you that.

DO IT, book the trip, leave your worries in the States and have the time of your life.

Ian Gil, founder of Steep n Deep Powder tours, has been doing this for years and knows the ins and outs that make this trip absolutely unforgettable. His knowledge of the mountains, the cities, the food, the ADVENTURE, will take you to places you’ve never even dreamed of going—they are that incredible. He stays a step ahead, is considerate of all, and perhaps most importantly, HE is FUN!! Mountains, beaches, cities, culture, adventure…. they all await you, what are YOU waiting for?

This trip is absolutely epic and will expand your world….why are you still reading this? GO BOOK YOUR TRIP!!

- Kaitlyn Hummel,
Real estate
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Traveling through Chile with a Ian Gil from Steep N Deep powder tours was a wonderful experience. Our week long trip gave us time to have epic days in the mountains surrounding Santiago and also gave us a chance to explore some cities, go wine tasting, and surfing. Ian's local knowledge gave us a unique cultural experience and his positive attitude made him a great guide on and off the snow. I'm looking forward to joining Ian on a another trip this year. 

- Kimmy Fasani,
Burton Pro
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I had a great time on the snowboard/cultural trip which was very well organized and coordinated.  Ian was very responsive to email questions and this first trip to South America, was sooooooooooo awesome!!!!!!!   Months later, I am still daydreaming about it!

- Deirdre Heyde
International Hio Hop Artist
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I went on the inaugural all women's Beyond the Boundaries/steep n deep tour and had an epic time! With 12 gringa chicas, Ian our Chilean host was definitely outnumbered. Ian took good care of all his girls, campers and coaches alike, so we dubbed him our chile dad. From telling us where the good snow was, the history of chile, showing us beautiful graffiti art and our 1st chile dogs, feeding us a shitload of pisco sours, taking us wine tasting, dancing, and telling us where to buy tampons and how long the tbar lift is, putting up with our cheering/hooting, pathetic Spanish skills, and need to take zillions of pics, daddy did an awesome job.
I also think we taught Ian a couple things: patience, that 12 chics can lift a van, and that girls need to take showers after surfing in the winter Pacific Ocean.
I was amazed, exhausted and happy that we fit so many activities in every day. Great and whirlwind way to experience chile and to get some riding in the summer!
I would recommend this tour to anyone and have already recommended it at our recent mammoth progression session. I love steep n deep and Beyond the Boundaries!
- Jessica Wei
Professional Ass Kicker