Total Days: 7 days total, 4 days of riding
Snow Resorts: Valle Nevado, La Parva, El Colorado
Cities: Santiago, Viña Del Mar, Valparaiso, Con Con

What’s included in the tour:
- Transportation within Chile
- Accommodations (3-5 star) Double Occupancy
- Lift tickets
- Breakfast & Dinner
- Wine tasting 
- 24/7 Guiding
- Photographer/Filmer
Does not include:
- Airfare to Chile (we can help you find the lowest fare)
- Entertainment (booze, bars & clubs)
- Lunch
- Avalanche equipment (Beacon, Probe, Shovel)
Average price per person for this tour for a group of 4 is between $2500 - $3500 p/p. But as we've said we're here to work with your budget so the sky is the limit on how high or low.
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Day 1: Santiago
Your adventure begins when we greet you at the airport. A short drive later you'll arrive at your hotel, settle in for a quick minute to recharge your batteries because you're about to take a beautiful tour of Chile's capital Santiago. You'll spend the day exploring the city's markets, beautiful architecture, historical monuments, and delicious food. At the end of the day you'll dine at one of Santiago's most popular and historic restaurants located right below your hotel.

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Days 2-5: Farellones
Day two marks the start of your epic adventure of riding nothing but the best mountains Chile has to offer. You'll stay in the village of Farellones, nestled in between the resorts of La Parva, El Colorado and Valle Nevado. You'll see beautiful sunsets, shred endless powder and discover a Chilean favorite, the Pisco sour. On the night of day five we head back to Santiago for a delicious dinner and then head out to find some of Santiago's amazing nightlife.

Days 6-7: The Coast
It's time to go down to the coast and get to know the cities of Viña Del Mar, Valpariaso and Con Con. These three cities embody what Chile is all about-relaxation, fun and spectacular views. We arrive in Viña Del Mar the morning of the sixth day and stay at a hotel located one block from the beach. If you like the nightlife and good foo this is the place to be. There are an endless amount of restaurants, bars and clubs for every budget and interest. Enjoy the culture, the beautiful coastline and more of Chile's famous Sunsets. On day seven we head back to Santiago and conclude the trip with some last minute gift shopping and lunch before we drop you off at the airport and back to reality.

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