Another one of our passions is photography & film which we include at no extra cost to you. We feel that it is important to document your adventure of a lifetime in a professional way. On average we take a couple thousand pictures per tour and countless hours of go pro and drone footage. Every imagine getting that drone follow shot of you hitting up a fresh powder field? We can make that happen which is something no other company offers. We want you to never forget about your Chilean experience with STEEP-N-DEEP Powder Tours so sit back and relax as we document your adventure.
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Just so you know we're not just talking taking out our iPhones, all of our equipment is pro grade and we’ve been doing this for a long time. We get as much enjoyment maybe even more when we’ve captured that perfect powder drone shot of our clients. Or getting that perfect picture of you and your friends enjoying an amazing Chilean sunset.

If you still don’t believe us just go check out our photos that have been published in magazine's and catalogs, as well as our video footage on some major snowboard movies such as Think/Thanks "Mind the Video Man". Pro or not it doesn't matter to us. We are here to document your tour to the best of our abilities.